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Caffè Nero Espresso Campaign

Wake up and smell the perfectly crafted coffee

Makers of 'the best espresso this side of Milan', Caffè Nero asked us to create the new campaign for their espresso blend.

At the heart of every single one of Caffè Nero's coffees is the distinctive full-bodied flavour of their award-winning espresso blend. For this important brand-building campaign we focused firmly on this unique blend, reflecting the rich flavours and their effect on the senses.

Through striking photography and art direction, we presented the espresso in eye-catching contexts and different perspectives that would really stand out on the high street. Emotive copy from our collaborators Serious Oomph encouraged customers to treat, satisfy, stir and wake up their senses. The result was a rich, sensual campaign that really made customers appreciate what they're drinking.

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Caffè Nero Iced Drinks

How to turn a seasonal product into a self-contained success story

For a brand so closely associated with premium coffee, selling iced drinks was a fresh challenge. How could we encourage customers to buy its cold drinks in the summer months?

As well as improving the appeal of the unmixed drinks in the fridge, we needed to help customers navigate the process of getting their drink freshly mixed at the counter. Our designs channel the sense of freshness and energy with a series of painterly brushstroke motifs tailored to individual ingredients.

While our cup designs created vibrant presence on shelf, we backed it up with a series of engaging promotions. Featuring pithy messaging, graphic energy and an uplifting summery feel, these attracted customers in their droves, and iced drinks took off. With a 20% increase in sales over two tough trading years from 2008-10, iced drinks were suddenly hot. And with a fresh new promotion every year, they’ve retained their place in customers’ hearts.

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Caffè Nero Marketing Toolkit

Creating a kit of parts for day-to-day communications

Caffè Nero has more than 500 stores worldwide and a busy calendar of new openings and refurbishments. How could we help keep their customers in the loop?

Brands need to create a dialogue with customers, and it’s especially important to keep people informed during times of upheaval – store refurbishments, openings and the like. Caffè Nero needed a raft of visual communications that would easily let them create the temporary posters, leaflets and hoardings to keep customers and locals up-to-date and engaged during these times.

For the new Wells store, our hoarding gave passers-by a feel for some of the finer details of the Caffè Nero experience, with thoughtful, unique features in each store. Our client says “the new designs have hugely improved the appearance of stores that are in transition and help us to showcase how our new store designs are tailored for each location.”

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