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Fortnum & Mason Biscuits

Fortnum & Mason chocolate-coated biscuits

A deliciously charming packaging concept for this legendary brand’s first ever ‘fully enrobed’ chocolate biscuits

Since 1707, Fortnum & Mason's dedication to pleasure, and passion for the spectacular and the distinctive, has delighted customers through the world. We were commissioned to create a packaging concept that would bring to life the handmade quality, specific ingredients and chocolate covered nature of their exquisite new biscuit range.

Inspired by an exclusive peek into their unique artwork archives, and carefully balancing the brand's trademark humour and heritage, we developed a series of charming narrative illustrations showing the creation of chocolate splashes.

With colourful decorative patterns clearly representing flavours and ingredients, and an unusual chest-like barrel format, everything came together beautifully into an intriguing, clever and engaging packaging solution.

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