A Campaign for Creativity

October 31, 2019

At Together Design we believe that creativity in education must become a priority. We are cramming our kids’ heads full of facts but not equipping them with the problem-solving creative thinking that our industry, and our future, depends on.

We think every young person’s imagination should be nurtured through creativity and, if we do that well, tomorrow’s bright sparks will develop the inventive curiosity that will empower them to change the world for the better. Yet funding for the arts in primary schools is shrinking rapidly and as a result, the skills we need to nourish are being devalued and underfunded.

This year we set out to do something about it.

For our Cut Paper Not Arts campaign, we spent time at Henry Maynard Primary School, near our studio in Walthamstow. We took bundles of paper, scissors and glue, and set the kids a challenge. We asked them to pick a creative word, think about what it means to them, then bring it to life through collage. Cut it, rip it, stick it, then draw on top. We encouraged them to explore their imaginations, try things out, make mistakes and see what happens. Everyone had a go – 240 kids aged between seven and ten years old took part. We were astonished by the results!

The work of those creative superheroes has inspired our latest Perfectly Put Together shop collection which includes kits for inspiring your own creativity. Craft bundles, creative kits, workshop materials, tote bags, t-shirts and more. You can see the range at perfectlyputtogether.co.uk

The collection is a celebration of designing and making, and all the profits will go towards new art materials for our local primary schools. Because creativity should never be a ‘nice to have’ extra, it’s the key to culture and progress.