All of a sudden we’re ten years old

November 28, 2013

Amazingly, it’s been a decade since we sat down with a brief, a pencil, a blank sheet of paper and a cup of tea, and began our first project as Together Design.

So far it’s been a thrilling journey. We’ve wooed and won amazing clients and built long-term relationships. We’ve transformed fortunes and produced award-winning work. We’ve nurtured incredible talent and worked with brilliant collaborators. We’ve worked our socks off and we’ve learned so much.

Although it’s flown by in the blink of an eye, ten years is a long time and so many things have changed; brand theories, new technologies, economic climates and retail environments, to name just a few. But we’re still here because while the world has changed, we’ve moved with it. Carefully and organically, we’ve grown our fantastic team and honed our skills, and we’re now able to tackle any project that might land on our desks – go on, challenge us! We’ve gained a vast wealth of experience across many sectors and we now specialize in retail, culture and not-for-profit; the niches we love best.

Many of the important things about Together Design have remained the same since we first began. We’re still as curious and inspired and hungry for new challenges as we always were. We still believe wholeheartedly in having a great idea and bringing it to life beautifully. And we still get a thrill when the client sees the work and turns to us and says ‘we love it’.

We’re hugely excited by the prospect of what’s in store for the next decade. We can’t wait to get on with it – and we hope you’ll be joining us.

To mark our anniversary we’ve designed a limited edition mug celebrating our endless adventure through the world of ideas. Illustrated by Stuart Kolakovic and words by Maf Bishop.