Amazingly, it’s been a decade since we sat down with a brief, a pencil, a blank sheet of paper and a cup of tea, and began our first project as Together Design.

So far it’s been a thrilling journey. We’ve wooed and won amazing clients and built long-term relationships. We’ve transformed fortunes and produced award-winning work. We’ve nurtured incredible talent and worked with brilliant collaborators. We’ve worked our socks off and we’ve learned so much.

Although it’s flown by in the blink of an eye, ten years is a long time and so many things have changed; brand theories, new technologies, economic climates and retail environments, to name just a few. But we’re still here because while the world has changed, we’ve moved with it. Carefully and organically, we’ve grown our fantastic team and honed our skills, and we’re now able to tackle any project that might land on our desks – go on, challenge us! We’ve gained a vast wealth of experience across many sectors and we now specialize in retail, culture and not-for-profit; the niches we love best.

Many of the important things about Together Design have remained the same since we first began. We’re still as curious and inspired and hungry for new challenges as we always were. We still believe wholeheartedly in having a great idea and bringing it to life beautifully. And we still get a thrill when the client sees the work and turns to us and says ‘we love it’.

We’re hugely excited by the prospect of what’s in store for the next decade. We can’t wait to get on with it – and we hope you’ll be joining us.

To mark our anniversary we’ve designed a limited edition mug celebrating our endless adventure through the world of ideas. Illustrated by Stuart Kolakovic and words by Maf Bishop.



Gordon’s and Temperley

October 30, 2013

We have worked with the Gordon’s team at Diageo to create promotional materials for its 2013 Ten Green Bottles limited edition collaboration with British fashion house Temperley London. Together Design was tasked with creating designs for POS, advertising and promotional print. The design studio integrated the sumptuous Temperley visuals, and limited edition bottles, with elegant numerals in a gridded layout to celebrate the collection in its entirety.

Client feedback is hugely important to us; we’re here to keep them happy. So, we were delighted to learn that Together Design has been ranked at number 40 for client-rated performance among UK design agencies. And among London’s top-performing design agencies, we do even better, coming in at number 8. The Drum’s client survey ranks agencies on their performance as rated by clients across branding, client service, design, creativity, strategic thinking and value for money. We’ll be sure to try and keep up the good work.

If you’re anything like us, the quest for stylish Christmas tree decorations is a major concern at this time of year. So this year we’ve taken matters into our own hands and created our own range of decorations, with three of our angel designs now on sale at super stylish design emporium Skandium. Mission accomplished!

Our Creative Director Katja says ‘This is our first venture creating our own product, and Skandium feels like the perfect retail partner. It’s interesting to branch out, create a product, and put ourselves in our clients’ shoes. Maybe next year we’ll expand the range even further.’

Design Week Vox Pops

November 19, 2012

5 September 2013
What are you most looking forward to at this year’s London Design Festival?

Having recently moved to London, for me the festival is going to be a chance to continue exploring the city. With such a wide variety of events on offer, from pop-ups to product launches, ad-hoc exhibitions and workshops, I’m looking forward to discovering the various design districts. When I’m done getting lost, I’m sure I’ll find my way over to the more familiar Southbank. After all, who doesn’t want to see the world’s biggest lava lamp!
Keith Hancox, Designer
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13 December 2012
What colour would you use to sum up 2012?

2012 has been turbulent and vibrant. While we’ve questioned the credibility of some institutions like the tabloid press and the BBC, we’ve also celebrated other institutions such as the Queen and the Olympics. To a large extent the year has been about redefining our values in society, and the re-writing of the rules filters right through to design and choice of colour. For me the year is summed up by the magenta of the London 2012 identity. Iconoclastic and surprising in its over-the-top cheerfulness, it plastered London with a punk-infused kick of energy. Of course we couldn’t stomach it for long, but it certainly packed a punch and disrupted the norm.

Emily Penny, Brand Planner
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25 October 2012
What do you think is the most striking news image from the past 12 months?

It’s unusual for creative activities to get such a high profile in the mainstream press, so for me it would have to be this image taken at the London 2012 opening ceremony. Having been lucky enough to be at one of the rehearsals, I feel this picture captures the excitement and atmosphere of the momentous occasion. It represents a monumental effort on the part of many – professionals and amateurs – and is a testament to the power of a strong idea and narrative delivered by a united, passionate team, led by a courageous and utterly creative director.

Alice King, Senior Designer
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11 October 2012
Which colour would you like exclusive rights to?

I would like to own Pantone 485. The very brightest red. Then I would kindly lease it to Coca Cola and others for their branding and would have the Valentines’ market sewn up. Father Christmas, however, could have his suits made in it free of charge.

Heidi Lightfoot, Creative Director & Founder
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28 October 2011
Who is the most inspirational public speaker you have seen?

Ten years ago I saw Milton Glaser give a lecture entitled “Ten Things I Have Learned”. I’ve always loved his work, but I wasn’t expecting him to be such a gifted raconteur, nor for his accumulated wisdom to be so hilarious, generous and full of brilliant insight. More topically, I’d highly recommend Steve Jobs’ much-celebrated Stanford Commencement Speech from 2005 – a poignant lesson about the choices we make and the paths we take in our lives.

Katja Thielen, Creative Director & Founder
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26 May 2011
Dragon Rouge is rebranding the Duke of Edinburgh Award. If you could create a DofE scheme for designers, what challenges would you set them?

We would challenge all designers to leave their desks as often as possible, to break routine and try something new. We do something similar to the DofE scheme it’s called Together Tuesday and has involved us learning magic tricks, making chocolate truffles and recording a CD. Encouraging curiosity can only be a good thing you never know who the next client will be, and even if it’s not strictly relevant to our projects, the challenges are always fun.

Heidi Lightfoot, Creative Director & Founder
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2 September 2010
So what is it that you do? Design Week kicks off a campaign to gain greater recognition for our industry by asking some leading lights to come up with their own definition of ‘design’.

The essence of design is the simple desire to make life better/ easier, more understandable and more enjoyable. For us designers it’s all about using our skills, expertise, insight and ingenuity to create something that adds value in some shape or form, and helps make life that little bit better than it was.

Katja Thielen, Creative Director & Founder
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