Today Epicor’s brand refresh launches to its 27,000 customers, 3,800 employees, 1000s of partners and the world at large. This new chapter for the US based software company, signaled by a refined brand positioning, clarity of message and refreshed visual identity, is a statement of Epicor’s ambition and will help to deliver their vision to build a world of better business.

Together are delighted to have been working with Epicor on this full-scale programme, a real ‘moving mountains’ brief that saw us reposition the business and fundamentally alter their go to market strategy. The bold new approach simplifies the journey for customers and strengthens Epicor’s offering by focusing on their core differentiators of deep industry expertise, experience across the supply chain and curated ERP solutions delivered through genuine partnership with their customers. ‘Made with you, for you’ is Epicor’s mantra.

In a short time, and working entirely remotely, we’ve got our heads around an incredibly complex industry and a business that has grown, over almost 50 years, through merger and acquisition to a turnover of nearly $1billion. We’ve been working with teams across the organisation to ensure a strategy and visual design that is representative of their collective ambition, is differentiated in the market, resonates with customers, internally galvanising and fit for the future.

For a company rightly proud of its affinity with its customers, a sense of partnership and empathy was missing in communications materials. Not any more. We have put the customer at the heart of the new branding and Epicor’s warmth and expertise shines through. There’s a friendly softness to the shapes of our brand illustrations and confidence in the strong logo and clear typography. Customer photography looks you straight in the eye. Colours are bold enough to have clout and bright enough to have energy.

Our designs are fluid and uncluttered because that’s what Epicor delivers – brilliant, seamless solutions.

Following the delivery of the core brand framework and visual identity guidance, we developed the brand architecture, streamlining 70+ products into 5 core industry areas with clear naming principles and protocols. For us the best rebrands are internally focussed and externally felt – Epicor’s exciting transformation is a great example of this. The result is smart, fresh and optimistic. Straightforward, yet effortlessly stylish.

We’re delighted to introduce something a little different from the norm, something less traditional and more alluring with a young, hip and modern sensibility.

Working with the South Korean team at SPC, we had great fun painting patterns and designing packaging for a new range of teas. Every tea has its own personality to reflect a different state of mind that the teas, each with different blends and flavours, promote.

Teatra’s colour palette is bright and colourful and we leveraged this, developing a range of patterns and illustrations. From First Break, Sisters, Young Grey, Cuz Mind to Mint Crew, each brew provides an emotional lift.

We are proud to say that our packaging has won a Red Dot award in Germany.

Our new brand identity for Riverlane has just launched. Riverlane is an ambitious, Cambridge-based quantum software company focused on enabling quantum computers to reach their full potential and achieve quantum advantage, sooner.

To understand quantum computing and Riverlane’s short, medium and long-term business strategy, we carried out qualitative research with internal and external stakeholders to help to frame the opportunity for Riverlane. We also facilitated a number of workshop sessions to explore and define the positioning and proposition for the new brand. This strategic work informed our brief for the development of the tone of voice, messaging and the visual identity.

The look and feel of the visual identity builds on the transformational impact that quantum computing will have on our world and how it will change current perspectives. We worked with artist, Niklas Lundberg, to bring quantum computing to life. The idea was to represent the behaviour of a qubit in an abstract way, visualising movement from a calm outer sphere to spinning complex internal parts that start to organise themselves and lock into place. Stills were taken from the animation as the main brand imagery. We also developed a secondary photography and icon asset library to support Riverlane’s communication.

The visual identity we’ve created is bold and intriguing, which reflects Riverlane’s challenging and problem-solving nature. It also brings to life Riverlane’s commitment to continuous learning and discovery, all of which puts a curious spin on their new identity.

We have created the new visual identity and packaging for Metzger & Söhne, who have been making traditional Lebkuchen in Vienna for over 330 years. The unique taste has inspired emperors and kings over the centuries. K.u.K. stands for kaiserlich und königlich (imperial and royal) and the title has been awarded to Metzger & Söhne as an Imperial Court Supplier.

Inspired by the neoclassical architecture of Vienna, Metzger & Söhne’s craftsmanship and commitment to the best ingredients, including their star organic Austrian honey, we created a decorative wreath that grows out of an ornamental beehive. This illustration has become a core visual asset for the brand and is used across packaging and marketing materials.

The colour theme is a combination of deep regal reds and blues mixed with lighter pastels adapted from the Viennese fashion and architecture of the time.

The design had to be timeless just like their gingerbread recipe. For over 300 years Metzger & Söhne have been letting their dough gently mature over a number of months. You can (and we did) taste the difference. Delicious.

The Power of Words

November 27, 2019

Literacy levels between the richest and poorest members of British society are amongst the most disparate in the developed world. Literacy affects a child’s life chances, influences physical and mental health, learning, employment and earning potential, happiness, emotional stability and even life expectancy.

The National Literacy Trust is focused on improving the reading, writing, speaking and listening skills in the UK’s poorest communities, where one in three people have literacy problems. We were delighted to support the mission by creating their new awareness campaign. 

The campaign plays with words, some obscured some revealed, in order to communicate both the risk and opportunity – how easily a life story can be determined by literacy. These important messages will be at the centre of their campaigning and communication for the next three years.

The Best Ingredients

November 26, 2019

Pearson celebrated its 175th birthday as a global leader in education and learning this autumn. It was only fitting that their people, the true secret ingredient of success, were the focus of their internal festivities and celebrations. The three-tiered birthday cake that we designed is a visual timeline which begins with their founder Samuel Pearson, highlights many key moments from the last 175 years and looks to a bright future of endless possibilities.

We provided a messaging and visual toolkit that could be used across all manner of events and communications, combining all of Pearson’s heritage, achievements and passion in a perfect bake. The layers of company history are reflected by the layered, detailed, thoughtful imagery produced here at Together.

As a modern take on collage, the illustration is created so that each milestone can be used individually. The designs were translated across digital, print and even on a real birthday cake. Happy Birthday Pearson!

Hope reigns

November 20, 2019

The new Prix Pictet book, Hope, has arrived hot off the press. It showcases work from the 8th global award in photography and sustainability, which began in 2008 with Water. Together has designed all eight publications for the Prix Pictet, produced and distributed by teNeues. The theme of Hope reflects the power of optimism; hope in the face of adversity, increased recycling, reforestation, rewilding, advances in medicine and emerging technological solutions for the planet’s environmental problems. The book shows images from the 12 shortlisted portfolios as well as powerful images produced by a selection of other nominated photographers.

The exhibition of shortlisted artists is on until December 8th at the V&A. Huge congratulations to Hope winner Joana Choumali for her series ‘Ça va aller’.

A Campaign for Creativity

October 31, 2019

At Together Design we believe that creativity in education must become a priority. We are cramming our kids’ heads full of facts but not equipping them with the problem-solving creative thinking that our industry, and our future, depends on.

We think every young person’s imagination should be nurtured through creativity and, if we do that well, tomorrow’s bright sparks will develop the inventive curiosity that will empower them to change the world for the better. Yet funding for the arts in primary schools is shrinking rapidly and as a result, the skills we need to nourish are being devalued and underfunded.

This year we set out to do something about it.

For our Cut Paper Not Arts campaign, we spent time at Henry Maynard Primary School, near our studio in Walthamstow. We took bundles of paper, scissors and glue, and set the kids a challenge. We asked them to pick a creative word, think about what it means to them, then bring it to life through collage. Cut it, rip it, stick it, then draw on top. We encouraged them to explore their imaginations, try things out, make mistakes and see what happens. Everyone had a go – 240 kids aged between seven and ten years old took part. We were astonished by the results!

The work of those creative superheroes has inspired our latest Perfectly Put Together shop collection which includes kits for inspiring your own creativity. Craft bundles, creative kits, workshop materials, tote bags, t-shirts and more. You can see the range at

The collection is a celebration of designing and making, and all the profits will go towards new art materials for our local primary schools. Because creativity should never be a ‘nice to have’ extra, it’s the key to culture and progress.