Design Week Vox Pops

June 3, 2016

Which brands could benefit from looking at their own design history?

As we’ve seen with the revived Co-op identity, brands rebuilt around familiar stories and associations can evoke positive memories and powerful, comforting emotion for consumers.

I treasure a memory as a young girl when my Grandad would pour me an R White’s Lemonade into a thick-cut crystal glass from the drinks cabinet, dropping in a cherry-adorned cocktail stick and presenting it to me on a little wooden tray – signifying the start of our evening, and making me feel ever so grown up.

Rituals and etiquette move on, and while I would like nothing more than to rummage through the archives of some of those long established iconic drinks brands, our job is to help them look to the future.

Our mantra is to be respectful of heritage, asking how we can draw from the past to celebrate those emotional connections whilst preparing for what may lie ahead.

Bryony Meyrick, creative director, Together Design
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