A new remedy for Hovione

September 25, 2014

This week sees the launch of our new brand identity for Hovione across three continents.

Hovione, established in Lisbon in 1959, is a leading global pharmaceutical business with offices and laboratories around the world. As they have grown, so too has their expertise and on the cusp of their 55th anniversary, they asked us to help them to revisit their brand, define where they are now, where they are going and to develop a look and feel that truly captures the dynamic, progressive and pioneering company that they have become.

The new strapline “In it for life” shows that Hovione is committed to its staff and clients and focused on playing a role “in bringing medicines to market that improve the lives of humankind”.

To reflect this, we created a brand identity that is easily recognisable, embedded with Hovione heritage but also fresh and future facing. A new word mark and symbol sit at the heart of the new identity. The symbol features two capsule tablets together that create an abstract “H” whilst also cleverly using the negative space to form a pharmaceutical “+” icon. In addition to the new identity, brand architecture and overarching look and feel for Hovione, we have also created all of the on and offline communications, including the new website design which was launched this week.

Just what the doctor ordered!