It’s getting better with THIS…

March 22, 2018

A partnership between The Health Foundation and the University of Cambridge made THIS Institute possible and we were honoured to be commissioned to bring their vision to life. THIS (The Healthcare Improvement Studies) Institute has a simple yet important goal: to strengthen the evidence base for improving healthcare. It’s an urgent priority not just for the NHS, but for health systems around the world. Our job was to develop the overarching brand strategy, the name and the visual identity for the new institute with careful consideration of the brand architecture and the role of the partners contributing to the institute’s success.

The name THIS provided huge scope for marketing and campaign development and the visual identity, which uses a wonderful mix of colours, illustration and typography, also lends itself to a broad and deep range of touchpoints and applications. We’ve brought consumer language to a complicated sector and achieved real differentiation. All of which we hope will assist THIS Institute to become a driving force in getting better at getting better.