Pop-up Pearson

March 27, 2017

With an increasing number of events happening regularly up and down the country, Pearson approached us with the task of improving the pop-up banner, their go-to vehicle for displaying branded messaging on the move.

Say hello to our solution: the Pearson Brand in a Box. This flexible, bespoke, pop-up unit can be set up in a number of ways, allowing staff to tailor their displays to different audiences at a variety of events. As well as a frame for branded messaging, the pegboard panels, shelves and the box itself, provide ready made surfaces to display Pearson’s wide array of products and merchandise. After each event all panels and fixtures can be neatly packed down into the box; all ready to hit the road for the next event!

Designed in collaboration with Norton Allison and produced by Exib, the boxes were expertly crafted and finished to perfection. In fact the results have been so well received that we have since created accompanying guidelines so that the box can be recreated at other Pearson locations around the globe. So keep your eyes peeled for a Pearson pop-up near you!