A splodge here, a splodge there

September 22, 2015

Working with The Roald Dahl Literary Estate, Quentin Blake and DRi Licensing, we have created three separate licensing style guides for Roald Dahl’s biggest titles.

The BFGCharlie and the Chocolate Factory and Matilda style guides strengthen the Roald Dahl brand and broaden the use of Quentin Blake’s iconic illustrations with 100 new line art files, as well as patterns, icons, stamps and silhouettes for licencees to use.

Merging the creativity of Roald Dahl’s imagination and the magical paint palette of Quentin Blake, we have created painterly ‘splodges’ that explode over products and packaging; a new visual direction for the brand.

Whilst there are rules and guidance to follow, licencees are encouraged to embrace a bit of mayhem, happenstance and invention when applying the new designs. As befits the character of the world’s number one storyteller.