Putting our stamp on it

August 12, 2014

How do you do justice to some of the most significant faces in our history? ‘Carefully, subtly and naturally’, says Katja Thielen, Creative Director of Together Design which saw their set of stamps, the first dedicated to British prime ministers, launched by Royal Mail this morning (12 August).

Together Design was incredibly honoured to be awarded the task of designing the collection but it was a challenge, given the periods that the selected prime ministers covered. As one would expect, there was more imagery available of the more recent incumbents, while likenesses of earlier prime ministers were confined to a few paintings. In all, the stamps were made up of portraits in a variety of media, from paintings and etchings to photography.

The aim was to create a unified set without compromising the integrity of the original images. Subtly blurring and colouring the background brought more prominence to the faces and created a common visual theme. Images which were originally black and white, were coloured and retouched to bring them in line with the other portraits. The eyes of each prime minister, whilst looking in different directions, were all aligned to the same height.

‘Together Design has worked with Royal Mail for many years on a number of collections but this was certainly one of the most rewarding. We are delighted with the press coverage’, says Katja.