Boots Seventeen

Boots Seventeen

A timely makeover for a famous cosmetic brand

Boots 17 has been helping young women express themselves since 1968. How could we make the brand relevant, desirable and the must-have make-up for today’s younger generation?

Many of us at Together have fond memories of youthful experimenting with Boots 17, and were thrilled to be re-energising this flagship youth cosmetic brand. Delving deeply into the research, we challenged everything and really stepped into the shoes of our target audience. Our brief was clear; a rethink was necessary.

The transformation began with the brand identity, which changed from numerals to a typographic ‘Seventeen’. The new look and feel featured a playful use of type, a new attitude to our art direction, and a reworked tone of voice that reflected the spirit of a new generation.

We delivered in-depth brand guidelines covering everything from photographic shoots and styling to attention-grabbing packaging, as well as POS, web and social. The result? Improved brand recognition, reflecting the fact that Seventeen is now finding its way into the hearts and minds of a new generation.

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