Mark Hill

Mark Hill

Capturing a founder’s personality through his product range

The renowned stylist’s popular hair care range had a minimalist look that didn’t reflect the product benefits, or his energy and charisma. How could we make the packaging better reflect the brand?

Mark Hill is a warm and engaging brand figurehead with plenty of verbal energy and a strong point of view. So first we focused on honing the copy approach, auditing the existing tone to see what worked (and what didn’t), then creating language guidelines that set the template for a consistent approach to the reworked packs.

Encompassing everything from tone of voice to product naming strategy and on-pack elements, these comprehensive guidelines included everything the client needed to extend their range in the future. Finally we developed the visual identity, making sure it provided the perfect setting for the strong messaging on pack. With clear colour coding and vibrant visuals, the brand was ready to do battle on the shelves.

What we did