Dom Bosco

Dom Bosco

Rebranding one of Brazil’s major educational brands

Having operated in Brazil for 55 years, Dom Bosco is a well-established ‘Sistema de Ensino’ providing content, books and training for teachers, as well as marketing and media support for more than 600 independent schools.

Now owned by Pearson, the world’s learning company, Dom Bosco was an early test case for the ongoing Pearson brand architecture project in which Together is playing a leading role. And while we were strengthening Dom Bosco’s visual, verbal and portfolio connections to the Pearson master brand, we took the opportunity to develop a new visual identity and refresh the Dom Bosco brand.

Dom Bosco works in partnership with schools, helping them improve and enhance teacher pupil relationships, and the new identity was designed to reflect the brand’s core belief that ‘working together makes us better’. Our logo and visual identity use modular graphic elements and a refreshed colour palette, helping convey the inclusive, smart, playful, intuitive, and personal principles underpinning the brand. Its new visual presence perfectly captures Dom Bosco’s unique proposition, in a colourful and compelling way that gives it real standout in the market.

"Our partner schools were incredibly enthusiastic with the launch of this new visual identity for Dom Bosco - they loved it!"
Piero Franceschi, Marketing VP, Pearson Brazil

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