The Learning Company

Helping the world’s learning company transition from a disparate holding company to a consumer-facing brand.

Pearson is the world's leading learning company, with revenues of £5 billion, and over 35,000 employees in 80 countries worldwide. In 2015 it began the transition from educational print publisher to digital and services-led learning business, and from corporate holding company to consumer-facing business. It needed a new master brand that would help it stand out from the competition, unify its broad and diverse portfolio of products and services, and work perfectly for its wide range of audiences around the world.

As lead creative partner, we’ve worked closely with Pearson’s brand team and a host of collaborators. Our work has spanned brand architecture and strategy, to the development of the vibrant and practical new visual identity, and its expression across a wealth of materials for launch and beyond.

It’s an immense project and we’re delighted with the results so far. And we’ve been appointed brand design agency on an ongoing basis, supporting the rollout across Pearson’s global portfolio over the next two years.

“Together are unique in being equally creative and strategic bringing both the left and right side of the brain to every conversation. They constantly push our thinking to ensure that together we achieve the best possible outcome.” Rebecca Sinclair, VP Global Brand Architect, Pearson

What we did
Visual identity
Strategy and engagement
Document templates
Library of brand assets
Creation of illustration roster
Brand guidelines
Launch material
Exhibitions and interiors

Interrobang concept and logo badge by Freemavens.