Pallant House Gallery

Pallant House Gallery

A stunning exhibition catalogue for a major artist’s retrospective

Brilliant, inventive and prolific, Eduardo Paolozzi is a key figure in British post-war art. How could we capture his mercurial essence in a book?

Featuring around 150 of his works in a variety of media, Pallant House Gallery’s fascinating retrospective exhibition revealed the central role of collage within Paolozzi’s art.

Taking collage as our cue, we devised a vibrant format that would allow us to explore the breadth of Paolozzi’s work, which encompasses everything from pop screenprints and fabric designs to the high profile public commissions that brought him to a wider audience.

We brought together these disparate elements into one cohesive form and combined it with our knowledge of pacing and text hierarchy. The result is a densely packed book which not only provided the perfect companion to the exhibition, but also does justice to the spirit and work of one of our favourite artists of the era.

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