Towner Art Museum

Towner Art Museum

A folded strip of paper helps define a modern art gallery

This relaunching institution needed a fresh new identity. How could we create one that would attract everyone from seasoned art lovers to curious locals alike?

This was one of those ‘eureka!’ moments. Everything in our solution stemmed from the new brand marque, which we fashioned from a single strip of folded paper. We felt that the highly accessible and fun logo would capture the public’s imagination and enthusiasm. So we created a soft launch through the media, showing local people how to make their own Towner ‘t’ – a trick that helped engage our audience.

Paired with a vibrant colour palette, the architectural folded theme filtered through to every aspect of Towner’s branding, giving a fresh and vital feel to their communications. It’s also a key part of the gallery’s wayfinding systems, adding a dash of colour to the neutral spaces, and influencing visitors’ experiences of this architecturally impressive building. The client was thrilled with our work, and the gallery continues to attract increasing numbers of visitors, reaching a record 110,000 in 2012-13.

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