Boots Delicious

Boots Delicious

A tasty new approach for a lunchtime legend

Boots’ popular Delicious range needed a new look to refocus on its quality ingredients, and help it maintain its share of the competitive lunch market.

Bringing a new ‘foodie’ feel to the packaging, we focused on the ingredients, using tempting photography to show them at their best. The solution needed the coherence to work across many different pack formats, and the flexibility to allow the brand to have some fun with seasonal designs and limited editions. Important visual elements include a new Delicious marque, authentic artisan textures, and colour-coded typography consistent with Boots’ other food labeling.

Our new designs are easy to navigate for the time-pressed lunchtime crowd, and provide a versatile framework for new range extensions. The brand’s legions of customers have responded exactly as we hoped and believed they would – by continuing to stay loyal to their lunchtime favourites.

What we did
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