Charbonnel et Walker Packaging

Charbonnel et Walker Packaging

A new packaging concept for this famous chocolatier’s core range

Having already worked on packaging projects for Charbonnel et Walker, we were delighted to be commissioned to rethink their core chocolate collections. Our ‘House of Charbonnel’ concept is based around an imaginary house, with each room having its own particular box of chocolates.

So ‘The Grand Ballroom’ is the all-singing, all-dancing chocolate collection, the ‘The Drawing Room’ features the perfect after-dinner selection, and ‘The Butler's Pantry’ consists of individually wrapped bars for the below stairs staff. This conceptual framework connects and individualises each box of chocolates, and allows Charbonnel et Walker to expand the collection whenever their need arises.

For the beautiful packaging visuals, we ‘squared the circle’, taking the recognizable round motif from Charbonnel et Walker’s famous truffles, and applying it to square and rectangular boxes. And for a final flourish alongside the brand’s trademark elegant typography in colour foil blocking, we added a quote from Oscar Wilde, an early admirer of this famous brand.

What we did