Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate

A well-established brand explores mouthwatering gift possibilities

A pioneering artisan chocolate maker with a unique story, Divine now needed to hold its own against major FMCG brands in the battle for love and loyalty on supermarket shelves.

The Divine brand is part-owned by farmers’ co-operatives, and the use of traditional Adinkra symbols from Ghana helps draw customers’ attention to the brand’s West African heritage.

We experimented with these symbols, playing with their hierarchy, scale and colours on pack, to create a bolder, more eye-catching effect. With one eye on the gift market, our new approach communicates the fun, funky dimension of the brand, while giving it the necessary impact to cut through the noise and grab the attention of busy supermarket shoppers.

Our approach worked a treat, with Waitrose stocking Ginger Thins in nearly 200 more stores than the previous year.

What we did