Gordon’s Gin

Gordon’s Gin

How to evolve one of the world’s most iconic brands

The UK’s favourite gin boasts a proud history stretching back to the C18th. How could we use creative wit and quirky Britishness to energize their heritage and reinvigorate the brand for the future?

Successfully evolving brands requires a steady hand and a deep understanding of a brand’s essence. We explored the Gordon’s story and visual language, and were particularly taken with the boar's head. The symbol has a strong historical connection to the founder’s family, and is a long-standing icon for the brand. We gave it a complete makeover, wittily popping a lime in its mouth to link back to the perfect gin and tonic. The newly revived boar became an ambassador for the brand, frequenting events and being graphically adapted to inject personality into the brand and connect with consumers.

We also reinvented the Gordon’s colour palette, type styles and created numerous assets including patterns and logo lockups. To bring it all together we produced a style guide demonstrating how the new identity might be visually manifested across everything from advertising to point of sale, events and digital channels. Our client said “Together Design had the huge task of reviving the brand world of one of the world's most iconic brands. They have done the most fantastic job.” Sounds like it’s time for a G&T. As a result of our work, we were delighted to win a D&AD ‘In-Book’ award in Spring 2014.

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D&AD In Book Award

Gordon’s Elderflower Gin

Mixing it up with new flavours for a famous tipple

Shaking and stirring London’s original gin, we helped launch Gordon’s intriguing new elderflower flavour.

Our previous projects with Gordon's have boosted sales and gathered great acclaim, and we were delighted to help Diageo launch this new flavour for 25-35-year-olds. Briefed to create a bottle design that looks as good as the gin tastes, we introduced a vibrant colour palette and delicate new iconography featuring a butterfly, that classic summer symbol for this quintessentially British brand.

To help launch the new flavour with a buzz, we also created a campaign and POS materials, bringing the iconic Gordon’s logo to life with fresh elderflowers and fruits. Encouraging consumers to start their summer tippling with Gordon's Elderflower, the work is as fresh and welcoming as a cool G&T on a midsummer evening.

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Gordon’s & Temperley

How to bring together London’s original gin brand with a renowned British fashion house

Having worked successfully several times before with the Gordon's team at drinks giant Diageo, we were delighted to be asked to channel our fashion nous into Ten Green Bottles, a unique collaboration between Gordon's and fashionista brand Temperley.

We worked Temperley’s sumptuous visuals into the range of ten limited edition bottles, then developed designs for point of sale, advertising and promotional print, which integrated elegant numerals into the rich designs.

With its wealth of patterns and colours, the entire Ten Green Bottles collection was a remarkable visual feast, and another highly successful limited edition adventure for the Gordon's brand.

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