Peter Rabbit Classic

Peter Rabbit Classic

A childhood classic gets kitted out for modern children

Peter Rabbit was one of the first licensed products, its story stretching back well over a century. How could we help it charm a new generation of children?

Bringing together our expertise in brand identity, packaging and product design, and combining it with our understanding of trends, for product licensing remains one of our specialities at Together. We needed to evolve the classic Peter Rabbit brand for new markets, especially premium gifting and the international souvenir market.

We were careful to ensure that the brand’s renewal was sensitively handled, maintaining the spirit and quality of Beatrix Potter’s original watercolours. We also knew that channeling the character’s enduring sense of adventure and naughtiness would connect with a contemporary audience. The result was a fusion of the new and the nostalgic, in a practical style guide distilling the original books’ classic spirit into a comprehensive toolkit to work across every application of the newly refreshed brand.

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Brand identity
Product design
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