Peter Rabbit TV Animation

Peter Rabbit TV Animation

Guiding a classic brand into exciting new areas

How could we ensure that Peter Rabbit’s new merchandising stayed true to the spirit of the original creation, even while updating it for a new generation and market?

Bringing the magic of Peter Rabbit to a new generation of kids, the new Peter Rabbit TV series is a playful reimagining of Beatrix Potter's iconic, timeless children's classic. We were drafted in to ensure that the merchandising successfully spoke to a modern mass-market audience even while remaining true to the brand story and values.

We created a set of comprehensive licensing style guidelines, including some surprising developments that were ‘more cool than cute’. We included camouflage patterns that might appeal to 4-year-old boys, and terrain maps to excite their spirit of adventure and exploration.

Featuring a hero with a taste for radishes and a thirst for adventure, the TV series provided the opportunity for a bold range of character-driven merchandising that is helping to bring this famous rabbit to life for a new generation.

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