Thielen Wine

Thielen Wine

Creating a characterful brand for an artisan vineyard

Thielen wines were selling well in their native Germany. But how could we bring their brand to life in an eye-catchingly memorable way for the UK market?

We always look for the essential truth about a brand, and with Thielen we found a family of honest and passionate aficionados. This informed everything we created for them, from the handwritten typography to the quirky illustrations and friendly, humorous tone of voice.

We rethought everything for the brand, from corks and labels to the all-important website, which takes visitors on a slightly tipsy and hugely engaging tour of the vineyard, and features each family member enthusiastically holding forth about their wines.

The refreshing look, feel and tone of our work may reflect the fact that most of our collaborators were paid in wine, a good deal of it in advance, for inspiration’s sake. And to the sound of clinking glasses, this charming rebrand saw us toasting its success at several awards ceremonies.

What we did
Brand identity

D&AD In Book Award
Creative Review Annual
London International Advertising Awards
Benchmarks Strategic Branding Award