A partnership between The Health Foundation and the University of Cambridge made THIS Institute possible and we were honoured to be commissioned to bring their vision to life. THIS (The Healthcare Improvement Studies) Institute has a simple yet important goal: to strengthen the evidence base for improving healthcare. It’s an urgent priority not just for the NHS, but for health systems around the world. Our job was to develop the overarching brand strategy, the name and the visual identity for the new institute with careful consideration of the brand architecture and the role of the partners contributing to the institute’s success.

The name THIS provided huge scope for marketing and campaign development and the visual identity, which uses a wonderful mix of colours, illustration and typography, also lends itself to a broad and deep range of touchpoints and applications. We’ve brought consumer language to a complicated sector and achieved real differentiation. All of which we hope will assist THIS Institute to become a driving force in getting better at getting better.

In full bloom…

March 20, 2018

Our work for Charbonnel et Walker’s Easter collection has hopped onto shelves. An ode to spring time sees illustrations buzzing with colour, wrapped around chocolate boxes, eggs and egg-shaped tins. At least spring has sprung on our chocolate packaging, even if it is still snowing outside! Keep an eye out for these Easter treats in stores now.

Glow on, treat yourself!

December 20, 2017

Liz Earle celebrates ‘light’ with a collection of gifts to help customers find their inner glow. The theme of light and the brand’s core focus on ‘caring’; for skin, for others and for the world; perfectly align with the mood of the season and are brought to life through the gift range we have designed. Calming shades of blue and evocative, abstract photography set the backdrop for flourishes in gold foil that create eye catching, flickering lights on shelf. The ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ gift box is set to be the hit of the season.

Wish List

December 19, 2017

This is our first season working with the Jack Wills team on their Christmas offering – a collection of 40 gifts ranging from toiletries and gadgets to accessories and games for men and women with an eye for fashion. Using the core brand colours, we’ve reorganised the palette, adding in bold colour blocking to achieve real stand out on shelf. With such a wide range of gifts, appealing to a broad audience, there is something for everyone in store this Christmas.

A time for sharing

December 18, 2017

Working with the wonderful illustrator, Rose Blake, we were delighted to again be asked by Caffè Nero to deliver their Christmas campaign and celebrated Christmas cups. This year is all about ‘Time for Sharing’ – customers taking time with friends and family and the extra mile that Caffè Nero baristas go to share their time with customers. The design has a playful feel, mixing proportions and positions. Carefree customers relax, perched atop oversized coffee cups, and baristas find themselves socialising front of counter rather than behind. A reflection of the barrier free, friendly community you’ll find inside Caffè Nero.

Life is but a stage…

December 14, 2017

Inspired by Victorian miniature paper theatres, this year’s Christmas collection for Charbonnel et Walker, is alive with colour and celebrates the magic of the entertainment of yesteryear. Flanked by plush red velvet curtains, Dancing Ballerinas and Noblemen take centre stage in a variety of delightful scenes. For lovers of the finest chocolate everywhere look out for The Chorus Line Cracker Drum, gorgeous Christmas ornaments, both Milk and Dark Selection Boxes and of course the highly sought after advent calendar. In stores and online now.

After the success of last year’s fellowship card, the RSA asked us to create a campaign to raise funds for their new building project at the RSA House. As a nod to their historic origins, they will be constructing an Enlightenment Coffee House for a modern day fellowship!

We teamed up with the wonderfully talented illustrator Jack Hudson, to help us capture what an Enlightenment Coffee house for the 21st century could embody – a place where knowledge and information is shared, world changing ideas are created, and enlightened thinking and collaborative action can lead to social change. We’ll raise a cup to that!

Hard to believe it’s the 4th year running, we are back with our latest Perfectly Put Together collection: This & That!

The new collection illustrates perfect pairings across beautiful products from porcelain mugs, limited edition prints, gorgeous decorations and home furnishings. All illustrations have been created by our lovely Together design team.

Find your perfect pair at www.perfectlyputtogether.co.uk

The power of pictures

October 11, 2017

As part of our ongoing brand identity roll out for Pearson, we were tasked with creating a library of ‘plug and play’ pictograms to enable teams to add a splash of life and colour to their marketing communications. We delivered three libraries for designers to use ‘out of the box’ including People, Objects and Compiled Scenes. These can be mixed and matched to create a seemingly limitless number of new combinations all in one unified style.

We’ve launched a luxurious new range of premium pet food for leading Spanish pet company Visan. Amanova, named to reflect ‘New Love’, includes an extensive range of wet food and luxury snacks for our furry friends. A sophisticated colour palette mixes with patterns more often associated with upmarket chocolatiers and confectionery brands. It is a real change in direction for the business which aims to drive the premium pet food market across Europe.